DICOM networking modules

Query-retrieve module

Query function

Move function

openrem_qr.py script

NetDICOM common functions

openrem.remapp.netdicom.tools.echoscu(scp_pk=None, store_scp=False, qr_scp=False, *args, **kwargs)

Function to check if built-in Store SCP or remote Query-Retrieve SCP returns a DICOM echo :param scp_pk: Primary key if either Store or QR SCP in database :param store_scp: True if checking Store SCP :param qr_scp: True if checking QR SCP :param args: :param kwargs: :return: ‘AssocFail’, Success or ?

openrem.remapp.netdicom.tools.create_ae(aet, port=None, sop_scu=None, sop_scp=None, transfer_syntax=None)

Function to create an application entity :param aet: string, AE Title :param sop_classes: list of supported SOP classes from netdicom.SOPclass to override default set :param transfer_syntax: list of supported transfer syntax from dicom.UID to override default set :return: application entity object ready to be started