Viewing and editing individual x-ray system display names and set user defined modality using the web interface

New in 0.7.0

Functionality changed in 0.8.0

The display name field

Previous versions of OpenREM used each x-ray system’s DICOM station name as the identifier for each x-ray system. The front page showed a summary of the number of studies for each unique station name stored in the system. This led to a problem if multiple x-ray systems used the same station name: the OpenREM home page would only show one station name entry for these systems, with the number of studies corresponding to the total from all the rooms. The name shown alongside the total was that of the system that had most recently sent data to the system.

This issue has been resolved by introducing a new field called display name. This is unique to each piece of x-ray equipment, based on the combination of the following eight fields:

  • manufacturer
  • institution name
  • station name
  • department name
  • model name
  • device serial number
  • software version
  • gantry id

The default text for display name is set to a combination of institution name and station name.

User defined modality field

OpenREM determines the modality type of a system based on the information in the DICOM dose structured report . However sometimes this mechanism failes because vendors use templates meant for RF also for DX systems. Therefore it is possible from version 0.8.0 to set a modality type for each system manually. A manually set modality type overrides the automatically determined value.

Viewing x-ray system display names and user defined modality

User options menu

The Config menu (user)

If you log in as a normal user then the Config menu becomes available at the right-hand end of the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

The third option, View display names & modality, takes you to a page where you can view the list of x-ray systems with data in OpenREM together with their current display name and user defined modality. If the user defined modality is not set, the value contains None. The x-ray systems are grouped into modalities and displayed in five tables: CT; mammography; DX and CR; fluoroscopy; and other.

List of current display names

Example list of display names

Changing x-ray system display names and user defined modality

Admin menu

The Config menu (admin)

If you wish to make changes to a display name or to the user defined modality then you must log in as a user that is in the admingroup. You will then be able to use the Display names & modality item under the Config menu:

This will take you to a page where you can view the list of x-ray systems with data in OpenREM. If you wish to change a display name or the user defined modality then click on the corresponding row. The resulting page will allow you to edit these parameters. Click on the Update button to confirm your changes:

Update a display name

Example of the page for updating a display name and user defined modality

You can change multiple rows at once. For display names you may wish to do this if a system has a software upgrade, for example, as this will generate a new default display name for studies carried out after the software upgrade has taken place. The studies from these will be grouped together as a single entry on the OpenREM homepage and individual modality pages.

If you update the user defined modality, the modality type for already imported studies will also be set to the user defined modality type. Only changes from modality DX (planar X-ray) to RF (fluoroscopy) and vice versa are possible.