Non-DICOM import modules

Patient height and weight csv import module

This module enables a csv file to be parsed and the height and weight information extracted and added to existing studies in the OpenREM database. An example may be a csv extract from a RIS or EPR system.

There needs to be a common unique identifier for the exam - currently this is limited to accession number or study instance UID.

remapp.extractors.ptsizecsv2db.csv2db(*args, **kwargs)

Import patient height and weight data from csv RIS exports. Can be called from script

  • –si-uid (bool) – Use Study Instance UID instead of Accession Number. Short form -s.
  • csvfile (str) – relative or absolute path to csv file
  • id (str) – Accession number column header or header if -u or –si-uid is set. Quote if necessary.
  • height (str) – Patient height column header. Create if necessary, quote if necessary.
  • weight (str) – Patient weight column header. Create if necessary, quote if necessary.

Example: -s MyRISExport.csv StudyInstanceUID HEIGHT weight
(task)remapp.extractors.ptsizecsv2db.websizeimport(csv_pk=None, *args, **kwargs)

Task to import patient size data from the OpenREM web interface.

Parameters:csv_pk – Database index key for the import record, containing the path to the import csv file and the field header details.