Upgrade an offline OpenREM installation

Upgrading OpenREM requires new Python packages to be available as well as the latest version of OpenREM. These can be downloaded on any computer with Python 2.7 installed and an internet connection, though if you have trouble when installing the packages you might need to use a similar computer to the one you are installing on - same operating system and matching 32-bit or 64-bit.

On a computer with internet access

In a console, navigate to a suitable place and create a new directory to collect all the packages in, then use pip to download them all:

mkdir openremfiles
pip download -d openremfiles openrem==0.9.0


Older versions of pip may need to use the following command instead:

pip install -d openremfiles openrem==0.9.0

Copy everything to the OpenREM server

  • Copy the directory to the OpenREM server

On the OpenREM server without internet access

  • Back up your database

  • Stop any Celery workers

  • If you are using a virtualenv, activate it now, then

pip install --no-index --find-links=openremfiles openrem==0.9.0

Now go back to Migrate the database and update the configuration.