Importing data to OpenREM

From local DICOM files

If you have RDSRs, DX or MG images or Philips CT Dose Info images, you can import them directly into OpenREM:

If you want some examples, you can find the DICOM files that we use for the automated testing in the openrem/remapp/tests/test_files folder in your OpenREM installation.

Direct from modalities

For production use, you will either need the modalities to send the RDSR or images directly to your OpenREM server using DICOM, or you will need to use query-retrieve to fetch the DICOM objects from the PACS or the modalities. In either of these situations, you will need to run a DICOM Store service on your OpenREM server.

To get started, you can make use of the in-built DICOM store that can be configured from within OpenREM:

Third-party DICOM Stores

The DICOM store built in to OpenREM hasn’t proved to be stable over the longer term with the current implementation and library that it depends on. This will be rectified in a future version, but for now we recommend you use a third-party DICOM store. Previous releases have recommended the Conquest DICOM server which is very good for this task. However, due to difficulties with installation on some platforms, we are now recommending the Orthanc DICOM server instead:

You ony need one of these - if you already have one installed it is probably easiest to stick to it.

Query-retrieve from a PACS or similar

Before you can query-retrieve objects from a remote PACS, you need to do the following: