OpenREM Release Notes version 0.7.3

Headline changes

  • Database: New migration file for upgrades from 0.6 series databases
  • Charts: Fixed display and export errors, improved layout and increased the number of data points that can be plotted
  • Interface: Fixed multi-line cells in tables so that the links work in IE8
  • Interface: Fixed delete cancel button in firefox
  • Exports: Fixed export of non-ASCII characters to csv file

Upgrading an OpenREM server with no internet access

Upgrade using the instructions found at Upgrade an offline OpenREM installation, but change the pip commands from openrem==0.7.1 to openrem==0.7.3. If you are still on a 0.6 series install, upgrade to 0.7.1 first.

Upgrading from version 0.7.1

  • Back up your database

    • For PostgreSQL you can refer to Backup the database
    • For a non-production SQLite3 database, simply make a copy of the database file
  • Stop any Celery workers

  • If you are using a virtualenv, activate it

  • Install the new version of OpenREM:

pip install openrem==0.7.3

In a shell/command window, move into the openrem folder:

  • Ubuntu linux: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openrem/
  • Other linux: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/openrem/
  • Linux virtualenv: vitualenvfolder/lib/python2.7/site-packages/openrem/
  • Windows: C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\openrem\
  • Windows virtualenv: virtualenvfolder\Lib\site-packages\openrem\

Check the current status of your migrations

python showmigrations

If you are using the PostgreSQL database and installed 0.7.1 as a fresh install, the remapp section should look like this:

 [X] 0001_initial
 [X] 0002_0_7_fresh_install_add_median

If you installed 0.7.1 as a fresh install and are using a different database – such as MySQL or the built-in test database SQLite3 – the remapp section should look like this:

 [X] 0001_initial

For both of these scenarios your upgrade is complete and you can Start all the services.

If you have an installation that has been upgraded from the 0.6 series, it should have a remapp section that looks like this:

 [X] 0001_initial
 [X] 0002_upgrade_0_7_from_0_6

For this scenario, please continue and apply the new migration using the instructions below.

If your migrations list is different from these, particularly if there are any migrations listed with an empty [ ] check box and you don’t know why, please ask a question on the Google group before continuing. Don’t forget to tell us what is in the remapp section of your showmigrations listing and what upgrades you have done so far.

Apply the new migration

Rename the file




Check that the rename was successful by running python showmigrations again. The new migration should be listed with an empty pair of square brackets.

Now run

python migrate remapp

This should result in an error similar to this:

CommandError: Conflicting migrations detected (0002_upgrade_0_7_from_0_6, 000x_delete_060_acq_field in remapp).
To fix them run 'python makemigrations --merge'

Now run

python makemigrations --merge

This will then list the merge actions, finishing with the following text:

Merging will only work if the operations printed above do not conflict
with each other (working on different fields or models)
Do you want to merge these migration branches? [y/N]

Respond with a y, then run python showmigrations again. This should result in the following listing:

 [X] 0001_initial
 [ ] 000x_delete_060_acq_field
 [X] 0002_upgrade_0_7_from_0_6
 [ ] 0003_merge

Now run the migration:

python migrate remapp

A final python showmigrations should show:

 [X] 0001_initial
 [X] 000x_delete_060_acq_field
 [X] 0002_upgrade_0_7_from_0_6
 [X] 0003_merge

Restart all the services

Follow the guide at Start all the services.

Import all the failed studies since 0.6 series upgrade

Re-import any fluoroscopy, radiography or mammography data that has not imported since the upgrade from the 0.6 series. This relates to issue #415 on the Bitbucket issue tracker.

If you have any studies complaining

remapp.models.DoesNotExist: ProjectionXRayRadiationDose matching query does not exist.

You should check to see if the study you are importing has been partially imported before the database was fixed. If it has, you might need to delete it using the delete function in the web interface. You will only see the delete function if you have admin privileges - see Configure the settings for details.

Upgrading from 0.6 series

Follow the instructions to OpenREM Release Notes version 0.7.1 first, then return to these instructions to upgrade to 0.7.3.