Task management

Viewing task and service statuses

Config options

Figure 1: The Tasks menu

Users who are logged in with admin rights can use the Tasks menu and choose All tasks to see the following:

  • A list of the tasks currently being executed

  • A list of previous tasks and their final status. If any errors occurred they will be displayed here.

Task and service status

Figure 2: The task administration page

Terminating running tasks

It is possible to terminate any active tasks by clicking the red button. There is no confirmation step. Note that this immediately interrupts everything this process was doing so far, leading to things like partially imported studies. In general this should not be an issue (in case of aborted imports they should be completed when you start importing them again), but note that there is a certain risk in killing tasks and use this only as a last resort.

A note on move: executing a move will create a task which then produces import tasks for all the studies it should import. This means if you intend to abort a move you should abort the task with Task type “move” and not the import tasks started by that process!

Configuring the size of task history

The status of 2000 active, recent and older tasks are stored in the OpenREM database. This limit can be altered by users who are logged in with admin rights by clicking on Task settings in the Config menu and changing the current value. If this limit is set to a very high value it can cause the web browser to run out of memory when trying to view the Task page due to the large number of rows in the tables.