Windows or Linux: Docker install



  • Extract the zip file and open a shell (command window) in the new folder
  • Customise any variables in and in the orthanc_1 section in docker-compose.yml as necessary. A full description of the options are found in:

Start the containers with:

  • docker-compose up -d

Get the database ready:

  • docker-compose exec openrem python makemigrations remapp --noinput
  • docker-compose exec openrem python migrate --noinput
  • docker-compose exec openrem python createsuperuser
  • docker-compose exec openrem python collectstatic --noinput --clear

Open a web browser and go to http://localhost/

Non-docker alternative - Linux only

We recommend all installations to use the Docker method described above. However, it is possible to install without Docker, but only on Linux. The instructions are a prescriptive install on Ubuntu:

Offline Docker installations

Web servers

Don’t need this section, but need to work out what to do about virtual_directory installs