Upgrading a native Windows install

Release 1.0 of OpenREM uses a newer version of Python and no longer uses RabbitMQ, Erlang and Celery. Instructions are only provided for Orthanc DICOM server, and no longer for Conquest. The built-in DICOM Store node has been removed.

Consider upgrading to a new Windows server instead of upgrading in place. Instructions for Upgrading to a new Windows server are provided including exporting and importing the existing PostgreSQL database.

  • something about a clean install, and/or not having old services that are no longer required

  • something about being a standardised approach which will make upgrade docs and examples easier to follow

Upgrades from 0.9.1 or earlier should review Upgrade to OpenREM 0.10.0 from 0.7.3 or later first. Upgrading to 1.0 is only possible from 0.10.0.

Then best effort upgrade docs… a lot of this can be copied from the Native Windows install instructions, or depending on what it ends up looking like, we might point there with a few admonitions to point out differences?

  • Export database for backup

  • Stop all the services

  • Install Python 3.10

  • Update PostgreSQL, Orthanc, DCMTK, Pixelmed

  • Add/update as necessary gettext, 7Zip, Notepad++

  • Install IIS if Apache/NGINX previously in use

  • Create virtualenv, activate

  • Install new OpenREM, wfastcgi

  • Configure OpenREM - use new local_settings.py.windows, adjust database name etc

  • Will database be available in new version of PostgreSQL? Or does it need to be imported?

  • Rename 0001_initial.py file

  • Do the fake-initial etc stuff

  • Do the rest of the manage.py stuff

  • Configure/reconfigure IIS

  • Configure/reconfigure Orthanc