OpenREM Release Notes version 0.4.3

Headline changes

  • Export of study information is now handled by a task queue - no more export time-outs.

  • Patient size information in csv files can now be uploaded and imported via a web interface.

  • Proprietary projection image object created by Hologic tomography units can now be interrogated for details of the tomosynthesis exam.

  • now ships with its proper name, this will overwrite important local settings if upgrade is from 0.3.9 or earlier.

  • Time since last study is no longer wrong just because of daylight saving time!

  • Django release set to 1.6; OpenREM isn’t ready for Django 1.7 yet

  • The inner openrem Django project folder is now called openremproject to avoid import conflicts with Celery on Windows

  • DEBUG mode now defaults to False

Specific upgrade instructions

For the original upgrade instructions, the last docs release to include them was 0.10.0-docs