OpenREM Release Notes version 0.9.0

Headline changes

  • Interface: added feature to display workload stats in the home page modality tables

  • Interface: added Fluroscopy high dose alerts feature

  • Interface: dual-plane DX studies can now be handled in summary list and study detail pages

  • Interface: new option to set display name when unique fields change based on device observer UID in RDSR

  • Charts: added fluoroscopy charts of DAP and frequency per requested procedure, fixed bugs in links for others

  • Query-retrieve: handle non-return of ModalitiesInStudy correctly

  • Query-retrieve: increased query logging and summary feedback

  • Query-retrieve: use time range in search (command line only)

  • Imports: fix for empty NumericValues in RDSR

  • Imports: fix for Toshiba RDSR with incorrect multiple values in SD field for vHP

  • Imports: fix for Philips Azurion RDSR with incorrect AcquisitionDeviceType

  • Imports: fix for Varian RDSRs

  • Exports: made more robust for exporting malformed studies, fixed filtering bugs

  • Administration: automatic e-mail alerts sent when fluoroscopy studies exceed a dose alert level

  • Administration: added facility to list and delete studies where the import failed

  • Administration: added interface to RabbitMQ queues and Celery tasks

  • Administration: short-term fix for task performance and control on Windows

  • Documentation: further refinement of the linux one-page install

  • Installation: Running the OpenREM website in a virtual directory

Upgrade to current version

Upgrade to OpenREM 0.10.0 from 0.7.3 or later and then upgrade to 1.0.

Original upgrade instructions

For the original upgrade instructions, the last docs release to include them was 0.10.0-docs