OpenREM Release Notes version 0.9.1

Headline changes

  • Imports: fixed imports for GE surgical flat panel c-arm with irregular value types and value meanings

  • Interface: added feature to filter by specific number of exposure types – CT only

  • Query-retrieve: new option to get SR series when PACS returns empty series level response

  • Query-retrieve: handle illegal missing instance number in image level response

  • Query-retrieve: improved logging

  • Exports: added export to UK PHE 2019 CT survey format

  • General documentation and interface improvements, bug fixes, and changes to prepare for Python 3

Upgrade to current version

Upgrade to OpenREM 0.10.0 from 0.7.3 or later and then upgrade to 1.0.

Original upgrade instructions

For the original upgrade instructions, the last docs release to include them was 0.10.0-docs