OpenREM Release Notes version 0.8.0

Headline changes

  • This release has extensive automated testing for large parts of the codebase (for the first time)

  • Code quality is much improved, reduced duplication, better documentation, many bugs fixed

  • Imports: RDSR from a wider range of systems now import properly

  • Imports: Better distinction and control over defining RDSR studies as RF or DX

  • Imports: Code and instructions to generate and import RDSR from older Toshiba CT scanners

  • Imports: DICOM Query-Retrieve functionality has been overhauled

  • Imports: Duplicate checking improved to allow cumulative and continued study RDSRs to import properly

  • Imports: indicators that a study is not a patient can now be configured in the web interface

  • Imports, display and export: Better handling of non-ASCII characters

  • Interface: More detailed, consistent and faster rendering of the data in the web interface

  • Interface: Maps of fluoroscopy radiation exposure incident on a phantom (Siemens RDSRs only)

  • Interface: More and better charts, including scatter plots for mammography

  • Interface: Display names dialogue has been extended to allow administration of all studies from each source

  • Exports: Much faster, and more consistent

  • Documentation: Extensive user documentation improvements

Upgrade to current version

Upgrade to OpenREM 0.10.0 from 0.7.3 or later and then upgrade to 1.0.

Specific upgrade instructions

For the original upgrade instructions, the last docs release to include them was 0.10.0-docs